ClubFed, LLC - Strategic Services
Strategic Services

ClubFed, LLC is focused on providing high-quality consulting services by top-tier subject matter experts with the necessary experience and leadership abilities to impact outcomes.

ClubFed's aim is to assist clients with developing knowledge and implementing strategies that enhance performance in alignment with mission objectives.  

ClubFed consultants and the ClubFed contact network are experienced top-tier national security professionals and come from backgrounds within the counterterrorism, law enforcement, counterintelligence, intelligence, national security and international security domains.  

ClubFed specializes in assessing risks and developing mitigation strategies, crisis incident management, information development and communication strategies to guide clients during emerging critical incidents and activities requiring specialized skills and experience.

ClubFed consultants and teaming partners have decades of experience in criminal investigations, counterintelligence operations, undercover operations, intelligence collection, protective services and counterterrorism.  They have held supervisory, senior management, policy and executive level assignments in federal law enforcement and counterintelligence agencies. They have extensive experience operating both domestically and internationally.

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